SI Kids Graphic Novels Spring & Summer Sports Book Set — Paperback


Sports Illustrated Kids Graphic Novels combine exciting sports stories with the dynamic graphic novel format! This multibook set includes 7 complete graphic novels featuring the spring and summer sports of baseball, track, and soccer. These fast-paced tales of sportsmanship and teamwork come to life in full-color comics. Complete with supportive back matter, including visual literacy discussion questions, writing prompts, and nonfiction sports info!


Kids Graphic Novels - Spring & Summer Sports Book Set - SI Kids
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  • Wild Pitch: Author: Eric Fein
  • Battle for Home Plate: Author: Chris Kreie
  • Power at the Plate: Author: Scott Ciencin
  • Track Team Titans: Author: Fernando Cano, Stephanie True Peters
  • Spotlight Soccer: Author: Ricardo Sanchez
  • Soccer Longshot: Author: C.J. Renner
  • Spotlight Striker: Author: Blake A. Hoena
  • From Grade 3 to 8
  • Paperbacks
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