The Complete Book of Classic Chevrolet - Hardcover (Leather)


Chevrolet didn't invent the overhead-valve pushrod V-8 engine, but Ed Cole and Chevy perfected it without question. And General Motors' Bowtie division wasn't the first to put the engine design in a production car, but it was the first to put the engine design in an affordable production car and make it available to the average driver. No other automobile in history so clearly demarcates a before-and-after line in the sand like the 1955 Chevrolet. This was the birth of the affordable performance car, and from the moment the car hit the streets, the experience of driving would never be the same. The impact that an affordable American sedan with a powerful performance engine had on American society was so great that it not only changed the experience of driving; it changed the psychology of a generation. Prior to the introduction of the 1955 Chevrolet with its V-8 engine, cars had been considered necessary appliances, like refrigerators or vacuum cleaners. With a single stroke, Chevrolet turned American culture into a car culture.


The Complete Book of Classic Chevrolet - Hardcover (Leather) - Graphic Image
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  • By Mike Muller
  • Published in 2017 by Quarto Publishing Group
  • Hardcover
  • Leatherbound by Graphic Image
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